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The Last Wish Raid, Blind Well, Ascendant Realm!

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CarriesRUs is here for all difficult activites within the Dreaming City and beyond! Last Wish Raid and Prestige Raid Carries, Prestige Nightfall, Puzzles and Mysteries, Difficult Quests, Gambit Bounties and Wins, all End-Game related tasks we’re here to help you earn the toughest and most sought after rewards in Destiny 2 Forsaken!

It’s time to become legend Guardian!

The Road to Becoming Legend - Attain Max Light!

Our goal at Carries-R-Us is for you to Become Legend and that you earn the best rewards Destiny 2 has to offer. Don’t have time or good enough players to complete what you need to? You’ve found the right team! We will play for your guardian and complete the most difficult tasks in Destiny 2 saving you both time and effort.

Destiny 2 Add-Ons

The Add-Ons listed are for super quick runs and certain perks to get ahead! We can’t wait to help you!

Ultimate VIP Add-On – Guaranteed FIRST Run + Top Player in the World!

PlayStation PS4

  • Fastest Run Possible - Highest Priority
  • Top Player in the WORLD on Your Account
  • Prioritized Above Everyone Else
  • Live Stream from our Client Only channel on
  • Weapons, Armor, and Subclass Optimized for your Guardian
  • 100% Assurance of Stat Increase

Instant Run!

PlayStation PS4

Fastest Run Possible! When ordering with Instant Run – you are guaranteed to have your order completed first above everyone else! You will always be kept up to date with constant communication from us, and your service will be completed as quickly as possible! If you need your run done quickly, order Instant Run! This add-on is available at checkout!

Priority 24HR Completion Guaranteed!

PlayStation PS4

When ordering with priority – you are guaranteed to have your order fully completed within 24hrs. You will always be kept up to date with constant communication from us, and be made a top priority! Priority is available at checkout!

Destiny 2 Services

Your Ultimate Source For The Most Difficult Tasks In Forsaken!


If there you have any special request, don’t see a specific service that you’d like or would like a super bundle pack, email us! We can’t wait to help you!

Last Wish Raid

PlayStation PS4

  • Guarantees Last Wish Raid Completion!
  • Receive The Most Amazing Gear and Weapons In D2 Forsaken!
  • Brand New Gear, Weapons, Emblems, Quests, Shaders, and More!
  • Increase Light Level!
  • Save Hours of Time and Energy, Enjoy the Best Rewards!
  • Get Your Last Wish Raid Done Fast, The Most Epic Raid in Destiny History!

Dreaming City and ALL End Game Activities!

PlayStation PS4

    We offer The Last Wish Raid and all Normal & Prestige Raid Carries, Blind Well, Ascendant Realm, Prestige Nightfall, Puzzles and Mysteries, Difficult Quests, Gambit Bounties and Wins, Redrix Broadsword Quest Steps, all End-Game related tasks we’re here to help you earn the toughest and most sought after rewards in Destiny 2 Forsaken! We will update our Order Form with the latest End-Game and Difficult Activites constantly!

Redrix Broadsword INSANE Pulse Rifle!

PlayStation PS4

  • We offer the most difficult steps of this quest individually, Step 1, Step 3, Step 4, and Step 5! (Must be on the quest step you order)
  • Rarest Gun Ever!
  • Insanely Overpowered!
  • Quickly Progress through these quest steps so you can be one of the few with Redrix Broadsword, by far the most overpowered gun in Destiny 2!

Gambit Bounties, Wins, and Infamy Rank Up

PlayStation PS4

Gambit comes a whole host of rewards, including a collection of legendary weapons and armor, as well as the Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon! We offer Bounties, Weekly Bounty, Wins, and Rank Ups in the Epic Gambit Mode!

All Year One Raids and Prestige Raids!

PlayStation PS4

  • We Offer Any Raid Completion From Year One!
  • Normal/Prestige Leviathan
  • Normal/Prestige Eater of Worlds
  • Normal/Prestige Spire of Stars!
  • Increase to Light Level to 600 Quickly!
  • Save Hours of Time and Energy!
  • And of course we offer Forsaken’s Normal/Prestige Last Wish Raid!


CarriesRUs was amazing in Destiny 1, not only took my characters Flawless many times (including under a 40 minute Flawless on twitch and let me open all my rewards) but Raids as well! I am using these guys in Destiny 2, they are by far the best and most professional service available!


Premier Destiny 2 Service! I have ordered from CarriesRUs many times, and they ALWAYS exceed my expectations. I can purchase fully confident that they will perform exactly what I need them to in an unbelievably quick amount of time. They make Destiny even more fun!

Michael Lee

Crazy good, friendly, and quick customer service! Week after week I know I can count your crew to get me the best rewards. Finished the Raid in record time, fantastic loot to go along with it. Thanks Christian!

Temporarily taking a break from work! Orders will be back up and better than ever when Trials Flawless is back! Can't wait to help you when we return!

Common Questions Answered

Do you help with the most difficult tasks in Destiny 2 Forsaken?

YES! We specialize in the most difficult Destiny 2 Forsaken End Game Activities! That includes The Last Wish Raid and Prestige Mode, Blind Well Activity, Ascendant Realm Activities, Prestige Nightfall, ALL Year 1 Raids and Prestige Raids, also Gambit Wins and Weekly Bounty Completions! Our players are the best in the game, we’re ready to help!

After I purchase, what happens next?

Please email us with your account log in info as soon as possible after your purchase, your services ordered along with any add-ons, and a copy of your PayPal receipt to expedite your order!

Can I play with you in Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, we cannot play alongside anyone in Destiny 2. Due to the amount of people we need to play for each week, it is most efficient if we run on your account! You are guaranteed a quick and safe completion with CarriesRUs playing for your Guardian!

I want the fastest possible run – is Ultimate VIP the best?

Ordering with Ultimate VIP is your ticket to the FASTEST possible run along with the TOP PLAYER in the world on your account, along with other special rewards. Instant Run is also an add-on for a QUICK RUN guaranteed! Ultimate VIP is the absolute best you can get with very quick run time, Instant Run right there with it! Priority 24HR is for those who would like their run guaranteed within 24hrs!

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